They’ve been around the block a few times. A little about Rick and Niki.

Rick in his natural state

Rick Blaemire — What can we say? Rick has been in radio FOREVER. Since the dawn of radio. You know, back in the day, when that meant stepping out into town center and yelling real loudly. In all seriousness though, Rick has been in the radio broadcasting business for over 30 years here in the Santa Maria area. He is active with VFW and American Legion, along with the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Rick has served on boards with the local YMCA, United Way, Allan Hancock Foundation, Kiwanis, as well as Youth and Family Center. When not tinkering around on air, you can find Rick on the golf course, hauling his computer to the “Geek Squad” at Best Buy, or in front of the tv fretting over sports.

Enjoying the County Fair

Niki — This lady had no plans for a radio career, stumbling into it via an internship opportunity during her final year at Cal Poly. What began as an assistant position, quickly turned into Director of Marketing/Promotions, where she spent 2 years, before being convinced to add “morning show co-host” to her list of station duties. Niki spent 14 years in promotions, as well as co-hosting the Sunny Country Morning show, before stage IV cancer (with a 4% chance of survival) literally dropped her to the floor in full seizure and had her looking for an opportunity to “retire”. After 3 years off air for self care and repair, she happily accepted the challenge when Rick sought a new co-host. When not giving Rick a hard time on air, or diving into the latest medical research, you’ll find Niki roaming around the local hiking trails, and doing anything generally “sporty”.

Want to know more? Rick and Niki are the chatty type (radio people tend to be). Feel free to send them an email here: ourtown@1240ksma.com

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