In Santa Maria Valley, we grow our grapes a little longer, a little sweeter, and with a whole bunch of love. 🍇 Turns out, you can taste that difference in your glass. So go ahead, get comfy—we’ll have a glass waiting for you.

Check out all that’s going on in our Valley’s wine world below. All Aboard the Wine Trolley! The Santa Maria Valley Wine Trolley is the popular, affordable and fun way to experience the Valley’s wine, beer, food and #SantaMariaStyle hospitality.

Hop on 30 Tasting Rooms in a 30-Minute Drive The Santa Maria Valley is the ideal home base, with more than 30 stunning tasting rooms within a scenic 30-minute drive. 

Experience them all The Top 5 Best Wine Regions Our glass is officially half-full: Our wine country was recently named one of USA Today’s 5 Best Wine Regions.

Explore the accolade
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